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It is the fact that domain knowlede of measurement is very difficult in every application. The demand and requirement from customers or from each industry may vary from one to another. Thereforem the barrier is very high for the potential entry. Possessing the professioanl core knowledge and technical enigineers, Chief SI has been accumulating rich experiences in many measurement applications such as vibration, strain, temperature, voltage and current. Chief SI is one of few measuring company with courage striving for providing the services with measuring system integration. 

Chief SI's core products, flexible customized services and professional consultants can make it more efficient to cut doen the time in doing your research and the process in product line and make sure all the equipment are working in the optimum condition in porder to save costs.

Chief SI's service covers many industries in photonics, electronic, mechanical, manufacturing, medical engineering, automobile, national defense, educational and many government research institute. For examplem our current customers include Intel, HP, IBM, ASUS, Foxxcon, MediaTek, TSMC, Inventec, GIGABYTE, Lenovon, Industrial Technology Research Insititute of Taiwan, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology...etc.

Moreover, data acquisition design, engineering analysis module design, monitoring system design, vibration measurement and analysis, strain measurement and analysis, and machine condition monitoring technology are Chief SI's core techniques of development. In addition, we grouped a engineering team in 2004. Each member in this team was selected through strict requirement and all members are the engineers with at least CLAD. Also, our engineering team concentrates on solvong the technical problems that our customers encounter. We wil take the stance where we can fit into the niche to provide you total solution in the fast changes in technology of every industry.

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